VOTE: A Watchful Neighbor

Neighbor-please take a minute & VOTE!
Neighbor-please take a minute & VOTE!

We are NJ’s unique “neighborly” new business, A Watchful Neighbor.  We entered the Wells Fargo Works Contest, and we would REALLY appreciate your vote!

If something happens on your property when you’re not home, ANYONE can get a message to you with A Watchful Neighbor — even without knowing your contact information.

Our service covers houses, vacation homes, apartments, businesses, cars & boats.  It is also a useful service for elderly family members who live independently.

It’s just $50/year.

Please watch our video entry and VOTE daily for NJ’s A Watchful Neighborhttps://wellsfargoworks.com/project?x=us-en_viewentriesandvote_1807_ until Monday, June 30.



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