Abraham Lincoln's Connection to Monmouth County

An old book at the Middletown Library tells the story.

Abraham Lincoln was a descendant of one of Middletown's first settlers, according to "The Story of Middletown: The Oldest Settlement in New Jersey" by Ernest W. Mandeville, the rector of Christ Church on King's Highway. 

The 1927 book is available for perusal from the Middletown Township Public Library with a form of ID. 

In celebration of the 16th President's birthday, here is an excerpt from Chapter 18, "Famous Men and Landmarks." Paragraph breaks have been inserted to make it easier to follow the family tree. 


Samuel Lincoln, the founder of the family, came to Massachusetts from Norwich, England.

He had a son Mordecai, who in turn had a son Mordecai, born on April 24, 1686.

Mordecai Lincoln 2nd moved to Middletown and married a daughter of Captain John Bowne one of the original settlers.

About 1720, the Lincolns moved to Amity, Pennsylvania.

They then moved to Rockingham, and on to Kentucky in 1780.

Mordecai's son John had a son named Abraham who was the grandfather of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States. 


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