TELL US: Flooding in Your Neighborhood?

Let your neighbors know which flooded roads to avoid.

The have reported some flooding throughout Manalapan Township, although no roads have been closed.

A car stalled out at the intersection of Lafayette Mills Road coming off of Livingston Lane where heavy flooding was reported, police said. There was also heavy flooding reported on Knox Lane.

The reporting that heavy rainfall will take place from storms, possibly until Tuesday morning. So, with even more rain coming our way more road flooding will surely follow.

Patch can't be everywhere - but we certainly want to try!

If you have flooding where you live, or notice road flooding while you're driving around town, please report it in the comments below. Let other residents know what roads to avoid!

Dolores Whalen August 27, 2012 at 06:59 PM
We were flooded on Main Street, Englishtown from Hurricane Irene. Having to evacuate our home at 1:30 am as the water came inside was devastating. I will never forget that day so long as I live. It wasn't until we attempted to return home in the morning that the true emotion of what happened began to sink in. Our entire downstairs had to be gutted, dried out and put back together. We lived in our motorhome along with our pets. It continued to rain for months, even snowed at Halloween so we couldn't even bbq. Take out got really old. We moved back into our home just before Christmas. I look for things that I had kept in certain places in my home since 1984 and I can't find them. I'm not sure if they floated away, had to be thrown away or where they are. It's an awful feeling. Those unaffected don't understand. The only thing Englishtown did for us was pick up our trash. Neighboring towns brought food and water and other items to their residents. This 1 year anniversary is very emotional. I try to put it into perspective. We are all safe and in the end that is what truly matters.


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