Cult Favorite Tasti D-Lite Opens in Morganville

Enjoy the popular NYC frozen dessert treat in Morganville now!

If you are in the mood for something sweet, but are watching your weight head on over to the new Tasti D-Lite on Rt. 9 South in Morganville. Tasti D-Lite is a lower-calorie frozen dessert chain that began in Manhattan and has gained continuous popularity. This new location is home of New Jersey’s fifth Tasti D-Lite.

Owners Debbie and Mike Schreiber hail from Manalapan Township. Mike previously owned and ran A+ Products, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of both standard and custom metal and plastic hardware, for the last 19 years. Debbie founded and runs My Party Bus, a party-planning business since 2003. She said she thinks her party planning company will complement the Tasti D-Lite venture well.

“We host a lot of children’s parties,” Debbie said. “While these will be operated separately, it will be a fantastic option for people looking to start or end their party with a cake or any other delicious, healthier treat at Tasti D-Lite.”

While living and working in Manhattan, Debbie was a recurring customer of Tasti D-Lite and has since enjoyed the Tasti D-Lite in Long Branch since she moved out of the city. Debbie said she has always been interested in opening up a chain of Tasti D-Lite, but said she never took the idea seriously.

“I have always loved and believed in the Tasti, but the support from the home office was what ultimately swayed us,” Debbie explained. “The management team and leadership behind the company is what will make Tasti D-Lite as famous across the country and around the world as it has been in New York for over 20 years.  We know the residents in our area are going to love Tasti’s great-tasting, better-for-you frozen treats, and we’ve already built an amazing team who will make sure each customer has a fun, memorable, ‘WOW’ store experience.”

Tasti D-Lite was founded in 1987 and began franchising in 2008. The popularity and “cult” fandom of the frozen treat grew by word of mouth. Tasti D-Lite is great for health conscious people, comes in 100 flavors, and made with natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.

Tasti D-Lite has also gained popularity by getting unsolicited exposure on TV shows such as “Sex and the City”, “30 Rock”, and “The Apprentice”.

“We have so many customers like Debbie who first discovered Tasti D-Lite while living and working in New York City,” Jim Amos, Tasti D-Lite’s chairman and CEO, said.  “Every week the comments pour in via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter from people who have moved away from New York City and desperately want Tasti D-Lite to open in their town. In fact most of our franchisees are people who fell in love with the product long before we ever started franchising.  We are very confident that Debbie’s and Mike’s  love of Tasti along with their experience of owning and growing their own businesses in the area will enable them to be very successful franchisees.”

So far, the business has grown by 60 locations, over 300 will open in various locations over the next several years, and it has opened in 12 states nation-wide. On an international scale, Tasti D-Lite has arrived in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates and will soon open in Australia and Panama.

On a local level, enjoy Tasti D-Lite at 4026 Rt. 9 South in Morganville.


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