Oh man. It's here. It has reared its ugly head masquerading as white, fluffy, unassuming frozen precipitation. Come play with me, build things with me, I am fun for the whole family. But some of us know-really know the nature of the beast. And when we utter its name it sounds like a curse. After all, it is a four letter word. That's right. For it's name is S-N-O-W! Yes the first snowfall is pretty and a celebration ensues of hot chocolate with marshmallows, whip cream and vanilla sticks and we rejoice and dance the happy winter dance and all is well with the world. But then it just doesn't stop-from November thru March and yes sometimes April it comes. It is relentless! And that happy dance of winter soon becomes a never ending parade of shovels and blowers and ice scrapers and snow plows and tow trucks and on and on it goes. I have two words for you-Power Place-get the equipment you need before the S-N-O-W gets you. Visit their locations at 297 Route 22E, Whitehouse, NJ or 319 Route 46, Rockaway, NJ. But hurry-for once the S-N-O-W starts; there is no stopping it.


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