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Save Our Sheriffs, Save Our Rights

Sheriff Offices are misunderstood and being hijacked.;

New Jersey is facing a civil rights crisis of a magnitude not seen since the great struggle for Civil Rights by courageous leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our Sheriffs must decide whether to be constitutional and remain a "check and balance" or go along with the President’s "de-arming of America" and other attacks on our Bill of Rights.

Everyone is aware of the recent discussions on the 2nd Amendment. Whether you support this right or not, the bottom line is Sheriffs doing their job constitutionally, are now targetted by political radicals bent on infringing our rights. The sheriff office is a constitutional office supported by the people and not a department under any other agency. The move to hijack sheriffs has been going on for decades NJ statutes appeared (1971) started to define what sheriffs can do. So let's get this clear, for over 200 years sheriffs did their job now all of a sudden someone decided statutes were needed.

Frankly, whether your a dem or  repub, you better realize that the office of sheriff is there for the people. Politics or hijacking the office unlawfully, has no place here in the American republic.

If you go to your county sheriff's office (and please don't call it a department), most of the web sites will give evidence to what I am saying. The county sheriff is a check and balance on tyranny and abuse, sort of what is happening now. The sheriff office is a vital arm of the 10th Amendment where people and state's rights come into play. In addition, the sheriff also is a check and balance on the state because you can have a governor aligned with the President resulting in the sheriff having to stand up against.

For example, let's say a Democrat/Republican president wanting to ignore the federal constitutional limits and do executive orders to stop churches from preaching, limit free speech of the press, or even enter homes without a warrant (just some of our precious Bill of Rights), a county sheriff regardless of party, has authority to stand up to this as some have done historically. Folks, this is not about getting a lawyer and paying for the process of a civil lawsuit, this is a protection mechanism that the people and states have.

Unfortunately today, the sheriffs are shackled and more often than not, are an arm of their political party. So the question here is, "can citizens regardless of political belief agree it's best to keep and support our sheriffs and their constitutional duties?" Below we give resources for those interested in securing the rights of all of us and we can use your support. In Delaware, Mr. Biden's son is attempting to shackle sheriffs who don't agree with the federal assault on the second amendment. I ask people to Google this.

Sheriffs have the power to arrest and before property tax, it was sheriffs that people used to protect property owners and keep the peace. Now we have property tax and for some ironic reason, it's sheriffs that carry out the sheriff sale. This is a hijack and other similar acts will follow. 

The sheriff's office can investigate, call grand jury and make deputies of citizens this affirming his connection to the people and his power of arrest and investigate. This is all common law and historical yet the folks in Delaware don't see it that way which tells me they are not on the side of the people. I also fear our constitutionally devoid Trenton folks don't see it either.

For more information contact the state organization www.NJTeaPartyCaucus.com or the local area citizen group www.Stop-NJ-Corruption.com

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Frank May 05, 2013 at 04:55 AM
That is why there is a choice this June 4th. Frank J Garnick is a Constitutional candidate for Ocean County Sheriff. Republican primary, not part of the Ocean County GOP machine, an individual dedicated to the Constitution and ONLY the Constitution.


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