What is Congress Doing this week? Deliberating  on the "Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014"   The Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014 is a bi-partisan bill that was introduced last month to Congress to shore up the Voting Rights Act.  This common-sense measure is an important first step to reaffirm the right to vote for all citizens and strengthen the protection of that right.   Further, it underscores the responsibility of elected officials to ensure, promote and support free and fair elections.
“Regrettably, the 2012 election cycle proved that discriminatory voter suppression tactics continue to undermine the fundamental right to vote for millions of people of color, the elderly and young voters.  
 We are encouraged by the bipartisan support the bill enjoys and look forward to working with Congress to help ensure that it is swiftly passed into law.”   PLEASE ASK CONGRESSMAN SMITH TO SUPPORT THE VOTING RIGHTS AMENDMENT ACT OF 2014 732-780-3035   We will watching Congressman Smith and let you know how he votes on the "Voting Rights Act of 2014     


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