Hunan Gourmet: Two Great Cuisines, One Easy Stop

Eat well without having to travel far.

Whenever a restaurant offers cuisines from two different cultures, I'm always a bit skeptical, especially when those two cultures are Japanese and Chinese. The foods are so radically different and require such totally different skill sets that I usually avoid restaurants advertising both. I guess you could say I prefer places that specialize.

Naturally, I am more than happy to report that my preconceptions were shattered like a pair of glass chopsticks thrown against the wall when I visited Hunan Gourmet. The sushi was fresh, soft and delicious, while the Chinese food had a distinct and memorable flavor. What have I been missing out on for all these years?

Favorite dishes include mango chicken (they slice up an entire mango and use it in the sweet and tangy sauce), Szechuan spicy beef, "Out Of Control" roll, spicy tuna roll with avocado and white tuna sushi (when available). My absolute favorite dish is chicken in brown sauce.

If you’re traveling with a big party, enjoy their tableside hibachi cooking. Make sure to ask about their ½ price sushi and drink specials. There’s something special going on almost all the time.

Hunan Gourmet is located at 357 Route 9, Manalapan, in the Towne Pointe Shopping Center. For more information, visit the restaurant’s website


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