Investing money in more police is money well spent

I dont like paying taxes anymore than any one else.
However, sometimes the cost is worth it.There was not one new police officer in the graduating class going to work in Manalapan.The police and private citizens work in partnership to insure public safety.The police cant do their part if they are badly undermanned.
m.shoemaker May 29, 2014 at 05:13 PM
I think our police are awesome. But they need proper training and BJJ where you are on your back is not sufficient. I want them to be safe so they can protect us. Also with a state with so many police per people per square mile why and how is there such a drug problem in the high schools? There needs to be under cover cops in high schools finding where and who is spreading this problem we are too high on the list for ODs. These kids are our future.


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