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Just June: Landscaping and Gardening Tips

A list of suggestions to keep your property and garden perfect in the month of June!

June is about maintenance. The rain has slowed, the temperatures have creeped up, and it's finally starting to feel like summer. Although you may feel like dumping all of your responsibilities and heading to the beach, there are some easy things you should do to maintain the beautiful landscape or garden you planted earlier this spring. 

Water, Water, Water 

It is really important for your flowers, grass, and shrubs to be watered heavily. All newly planted flowers and trees should be thoroughly watered. However, you do not need to water them often, so that they can create a resistance to drought. Be sure the water reaches deep into the soil. 


Be sure to prune your larger, flowering shrubs. June welcomes in flowers of rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, spireas, and deadhead mountain laurel. Prune the bushes AFTER the flowers are done blooming to be sure you do not trim off buds. 

Feed trees

June is a prime time to feed deciduous and evergreen trees. Fertilizing and feeding your trees guarantees faster and healthier growth. 


If the clouds begin to roll in and you can't hit the beach, June is a great month to plant, despite what you may have heard. Nurseries are chock full of flowers and shrubs that bloom in summer, if you just want to quickly transplant some full growth and color onto your property.

But all perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs can be planted in June. If you decide to plant, be sure to fertilize and heavily water this month! 


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