These spiders are very dangerous

With adults and children playing in the house, please
play close attention, particularly in dark areas.This is where the Brown Recluse spider lives.Its bite is very toxic and causes necrotic tissue and needs emergency treatment.It use to be found only down South but today, unfortunately resides in NJ.
Thank you.
Sid Alweis
Spokesperson for MRC-CERT Manalapan.
FalconHawk May 04, 2014 at 05:24 PM
Thank you for explaining the group to which you belong. Education is important. Evidentally these spiders find humans tasty. Fortunately they are large enough to see unlike a Lyme tick. The increased incidence of Lyme disease, whose symptoms are diagnosed as a myriad of other infections, is likely at epidemic levels.
Sidney Alweis May 04, 2014 at 06:34 PM
As you point out so well FalconHawk, the dx of Lyme's is growing by leaps and bounds.Part of this is probably real growth in the infection, part as missed dx.Lyme's is particularly disturbing(like any other disease) if it strikes a person with other conditions already present.Some of the treatment options for Lyme's are changing too. I use to study raptors as a hobby so your name containing two of them is most interesting to me.My favorite raptor was the fish eagle which I saw on a trip to Alaska.
FalconHawk May 05, 2014 at 10:25 AM
I read research about Lyme and Alzheimers that the increase in Alzheimer's is actually, in many cases, a mis diagnosis of lae stage Lyme. When these individuals received Lyme treatment ie: antibiotics and herbals supplements, vitamins, their symptoms disappeared almost immediately. Lyme is an insideous disease that anyone can contract at any age. Even when it is treated, may lay dormant and resurface, as you mentioned, when other ilnesses are present or when the immune system is under stress. Raptors are absolutely fascinating "birds". Their physical beauty coupled with their ability focus and vision are some of their exceptional qualities. Sounds like a fun hobby especially if you can travel.
Sidney Alweis May 05, 2014 at 12:42 PM
Tetracycline and its relatives have been a mainstay of treatment for early Lyme's-the key is early Lyme's-like most infections, the longer untreated, the worse the it is most particularly if a person has comorbid conditions and/or impaired immune system.The is a large exhibit of raptors at the NY Muiseum of Natural History including a very large and beautiful Snow Owl.Stay well my friend. Sidney
Sidney Alweis May 07, 2014 at 10:58 AM
To lessen the chance of a tick bite and lyme disease-1-Wear insect repellant2-Tuck your pants into high boots or shoes.Try to avoid walking in high grass areas.If you are bitten, see a doctor.Early treatment is usually all that is needed.For people over 8 years old, a tetracycline(doxycycline) is used for younger kids amoxicillin because tetracyclines discolor young kids teeth.Written as a public service by Sidney Alweis


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