Beauty Essentials at Freehold Raceway Mall

Find out where to go in the mall to get prepped for the holiday party season.

This is a season marked by parties and special events. Every store has a “holiday party” angle, in which they attire you in rich jewel tones and all things sparkly.  With so many places to go and people to see, it seems an appropriate time to point out the best places for beauty supplies in the .

For most hair and beauty needs, you have two vital destinations: Beauty Plus Salon, located on the lower level wing, and , on the lower level near Ruby Tuesday.  Both are bona fide beauty supply stores, carrying everything you could dream of for hair, nails, and beauty. These are the places to go if you need any sort of hair styling device (curling irons, straighteners) or knickknacks (any conceivable hair tie or pin, and even in 2011, scrunchies!) You’ll also want to search here for home manicure fixin’s; brands like OPI and Sally Hansen are in large supply, and all the requisite tools. You can buy makeup at these stores too, but would find more selection of the drugstore brands in, well, an actual drugstore. 

Fear not, though; there is plenty of lipstick and mascara to go around at the mall.  Bare Escentuals sells a variety of makeup, including their famous Bare Minerals face makeup. This is a store I’d think of for quality face products (foundation, concealer, blush) and an overall natural look. For something a little more holiday-glitzy, look no further than Sephora (or JC Penney’s Sephora store-within-a-store, if you have a preference or one doesn’t have what you’re looking for.)  Sephora carries a slew of brands, so you’re bound to find whatever your heart desires; to get more bang for your buck, may I suggest their own quality line of products.  Of course, for the refined aesthetician, the highest-brow brands can be found at the department stores (Nordstrom, , and .)

If these stores don’t meet your needs (they’re overwhelming or expensive or just too something), I also have a few tips about stores you might not think of in such a quest. For nail polish, Forever 21 carries a rainbow of colors and finishes for under $3 a pop, and the colors go on opaque with only one coat; as cheap polish goes, this is the crème de la crème. Amusé carries a similar bold line of polish, as well as bright graphic eye makeup; the idea here is to not splurge on a Sephora glittery eyeshadow palette you’re only going to use a couple times. I also recommend that store’s NYX brand eyeliner pencils for smooth precision and, of course, great hues.

When looking for something outré, Hot Topic has some more outlandish fare; for instance, when colored hair streaks had a moment over the summer, I checked there for clip-ins and Manic Panic dye. Victoria’s Secret Beauty, while seemingly dominated by fragrance and bath products, also carries a few va-va-voom items, particularly in lip gloss.

Whatever look you’re going for this party season – classic glamour, vampy, ethereal beauty – you can find the tools you’ll need right in the Raceway Mall.  And, if all that work leaves you simply exhausted… Essentials now sells Pajama Jeans.


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