Town Pointe landlord

The Town Pointe landlord is totally insensitive to the handicapped paarking needs of the disabled in the snow! I have physical challenges & use a walker. The snow plow covers the low walkways with piles of snow & ice at the end of the shopping center near Lola's & Classic Furs. When called the first time, the landlord said he would have it cleaned immediately...never done! Each time it snows, that remains a problem. The store keepers have no satisfaction either. I was told by the mayor at the time that Towne Point is "private property" & thus, the township has no jurisdiction to get it cleaned safely. Ultimately, it is a dangerous situation for someone with a REAL mobility issue. 
manalapan resident February 17, 2014 at 08:49 PM
That is a real issue with many Condo associations. They play by their own rules and only care once they are sued for their negligence. Until then, keep complaining, keep documenting everything. Try calling Channel 12 News also they cover stories like this. Good luck to you.


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