$35K Worth of Jewelry Stolen from Manalapan Home

The jewelry was taken from the home's upstairs bedroom.

About $35,000 worth of jewelry were reportedly stolen from a Manalapan home on Jan. 14, according to township police. The victim of the crime told police that the theft took place in the few days leading up to her report. 

The jewelry was located in an upstairs bedroom of the home when it was removed, police said. They are currently investigating this theft. 

Anyone with information on this incident may contact the Manalapan Police Department at 732-446-4300. 

gjc January 24, 2014 at 07:20 PM
I think if a thief ever entered my home, he would be so disappointed by my lack of material things that he would probably leave a donation out of pity.
mark cohen January 25, 2014 at 10:46 AM
If we did not have shops to buy gold the crooks(addicts) would have a much harder time to sell there stolen items. I had stuff stolen from my home. I did not have ins to cover it so i never made a report . I checked all the we buy gold stores up&down rt 9 till 195. One block before highy 195 on rt 9 south there is a we buy gold shop . I walked in and two of five on line scattered like bugs.I gave all the stink eye big time. I am far from shy and saw a book on the counter with entries. I started to turn the pages ever so slowley. I was looking for the month,s I thought my stuff was taken? Well i found an entry for my mom,s 35th anv pin Brook dale hosp gave my mom for her fine work.I then found another entry for my gold car trinket that i gave to a family member. I asked the man were are my things ! HOW and why could a kid have/sell an item that,s over 35 years old to sell? He (seller) is 20 years old none of your biz was his answer aggressively. I walked to the door and escorted all in the store OUT we were closing early because the Howell P/D is on there way! I had called. ALL BUGS GONE not a word but the worker /owner started to open his pie hole .Adam my friend walked in i had him in my car 6ft 8 260lbs. back in the 70,s this guy would get his, today you must act in the proper manner so we waited for the p/d ! When they showed up i was told the store was allowed to buy anything they wanted and when i asked were are my things i will pay to get them back ? The answer i got was shocking we melt everything down every day scrape( bull cookies)you say that so if your store is holding stolen items there gone no evedince. I am sure most of our things are in a store some were in this country not melted down no way . Don,t make pee pee on my leg and tell me its raining. Plain and simple our state has given Theve,s,crooks & bums a place to sell there stolen items . Am i crazy ?


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