Englishtown Man Allegedly Assaults Police Officer, Resists Arrest

An Englishtown resident was charged with resisting arrest and committing aggravated assault on an Englishtown policeman.

Englishtown resident Andrew Micoletti, 23, was arrested by Englishtown Police on Friday, Oct. 19 for outstanding warrants, resisting arrest, and committing aggravated assault on a police officer.

Cpl. Michael MacInnes was off-duty in the Englishtown Liquors and Convenience Store when he recognized Micoletti as an individual with an outstanding failure to appear warrant out of Englishtown for a harassment charge, according to Englishtown Lt. Peter Cooke. 

Cooke said that MacInnes phoned and alerted the on-duty police officer, Ptl. Nicola Costagliola. Costagliola confirmed the outstanding warrant out of Englishtown, as well as two other outstanding warrants out of Newark totaling $4,500, Cooke said.

Costagliola responded to the scene to arrest Micoletti with the assistance of MacInnes and Manalapan Police officers Joseph DeFillipis and Adam Sosnowski.

According to an arrest warrant issued by the Englishtown Police Department, Micoletti became argumentative when he was told he was under arrest by Costagliola and responded by clenching his fists and walking away.

When Costagliola grabbed Micoletti’s wrist to place him under arrest, Micoletti pulled away and started to attempt to flee, the warrant indicated. Costagliola and MacInnes used verbal commands and the use of force to gain control of Micoletti.

Micoletti was also charged with aggravated assault for allegedly attempting to cause bodily injury to Costagliola by falling to the ground while officers attempted to grab control of him.

Micoletti is currently remanded in Monmouth County Correctional Institute in default of $9,250 bail. The charges out of Englishtown added $5,000 more to his bail.  His initial appearance in front of Judge John Colaninno is scheduled for Nov. 7.

George Finey October 27, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Lucky Jack: First off the Police Department is on an "overtime Budget" because they are at the same staffing levels as back in the 90's. And that fancy little license plater reader also catches unisured vehicles... ya one of the reasons why you pay so much in insurance. The reader will also find stolen vehicles. A machine like that allows police to catch people faster, giving them more time to perform other duties. And you obviously have not idea what your talking about. The guy Englishtown was fighting with is known to beat his girlfriend and family but your complaining about your leaf pickup. Can someone say selfish?
Lucky Jack October 28, 2012 at 12:47 AM
George: Who doesn't know what who is talking about? What in the name of BS is "an overtime budget?" From what book of beaurocratic double talk did you pull that? Also, it is NOT the mandate of the Manalapan police department to protect us from uninsured drivers: that job belongs to the state police. And it's not just the plate reader; there are acres of parking lots and buildings full of outrageously expensive equipment gathering dust, not to mention enough electric light at night to guide the space shuttle to a perfect landing on ridiculously ornate playing fields--also extremely well-lit, even when deserted. Our cops are better equipped than the State Police and the NYPD, who actually fight crime on a daily basis, not protect my insurance rates. Who's selfish? Furthermore, our streets are full of garbage, George! And where does garbage in the streets go, George? Know what sewers are, George; do you know their function? Know what happens when they get clogged with debris? Know how much it takes to clean and maintain them? I didn't think so, George. Ever seen our road crew driving around with five guys blowing off sewer openings with an air compressor taped to the back of a pick-up truck? But thank god our cop can sit in the comfort of a idling police cruiser, with full-blast A/C, texting his girlfriend, and hoping for a car to pass by that has no insurance. Gosh I feel safer! If it's true about that character-which I doubt- then he's Englishtown's problem, not ours.
George Finey October 28, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Well first off jack, sorry about the typo of overtime budget. It was suppose to say overtime pay as you stated. My point was you have a department which is obviously under staffed, the overtime pay is obviously going to be through the roof, but you can't blame the police. Maybe because we have residents to concerned about trash and leaves then properly staffing an essential part of our safety . Reality check... You live in Manalapan. Where is the trash? And how are they better equipped? Because they have what? Maybe one car with a reader which probably pays for itself. The cops are not protecting your insurance rates, that was a dumb comment. The reader is a tool that helps cops do their jobs. Whether it be locate stolen vehicle or unisured vehicles. This is just a small portion of their job. If you think there isn't crime in Manalapan your obviously spending to much time yelling about the cup you found in the street. As far as the so called land fill in front of your house, I have an idea... Go pick it up. It's your kids, your neighbors, and possibly your trash. But you'd rather just complain about it.
Luke Micoletti October 28, 2012 at 08:51 PM
George Finley, I think u need to shut ur mouth immediately. You know nothing of Andrew micolettis life an background. I'm his 18 year old brother and I can tell u 1st hand he does not abuse his family nor his ex girlfriend. He is a 2 time Iraqi war veteran whose given his ass on the line to protect your sorry ass who has nothin better to do then comment on this rediculous article. Maybe my brother has some problems he needs to work on but so does everone else. Grow up and realize that this is an embarrassing issue enough as it is for my family and I, we don't need need you stepping in running your mouth about something u know nothing about. Put urself in my shoes buddy. Oh and seriously find a hobby or something cause you look downright ridiculous speaking of instances you are unfamiliar with. Sincerely, Lukas Evan Micoletti
Melissa S November 11, 2012 at 07:11 AM
This kids a crackhead drug addict who has stolen from a substantial amount of money from myself and other people. He does it to himself and deserves everything that coming to him. He had it going good and he screwed it all up.


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