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Lake Weamaconk in Englishtown Pumped Ahead of Hurricane Sandy

Lakes across Monmouth County partially drained in anticipation of large rainfall.

Lake Weamaconk in Englishtown has been partially pumped out in advance of Hurricane Sandy.

"They lowered the lake dramatically," Councilman Gregory W. Wojyn said.

Weamaconk, which is located near the intersection of Main Street and Park Avenue, is one of several lakes in Monmouth County that have been pumped before the heavy rainfall Sandy is expected to bring to the area. The strategy is a lesson from Hurricane Irene, which brought flooding issues across the state.

"We pump some of those retention lakes and ponds out so to get the levels down so they can receive water from the drainage basins. That’s something we learned from Hurricane Irene," Sheriff Shaun Golden said.

Lake Weamaconk is connected to Matchaponix Brook to the north and Weamaconk Creek to the south.


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