Editorial: Lack of Sandy Bill Override Proof of Partisan Politics in NJ

Gov. Christie recently vetoed a bill that would have establish a 'Sandy Bill of Rights.'

Hurricane Sandy and Bridgegate have not put an end to partisan politics in New Jersey, one editorialist on NorthJersey.com has argued.

The editorial cited Gov. Chris Christie's recent veto of Senate President Stephen Sweeney's "Sandy Bill of Rights," which passed both houses in March unanimously, as an example. The bill outlined application requirements, status updates, and appeals processes for Sandy and future storm aid applications, the editorial said.

The governor vetoed the bill saying some requirements were redundant and conflicted with federal standards, it said. The editorial called out the 13 Senate Republicans who, after passing the bill initially, did not join Democrats in overriding the veto, it said.

The editorial argued the Senators' non-override was an example of partisan politics.

Mattie June 26, 2014 at 11:51 AM
Because of Three Words: The Insurance Racket. Even with flood insurance, the payout was approximately 40-50 cents on the dollar (for damages). People who had BOTH homeowners AND 'flood insurance' did not get enough money between the two to demolish the ruined home, *raise the foundation to New flood safety levels* AND rebuild. The way it's been explained to me -- People who pay into flood insurance are actually paying into the (recently restructured) FEMA program. That's where a decent portion of flood insurance money goes...and that's where it comes from when disaster strikes. So the vast majority of people receiving FEMA funds are getting funds they helped pay for through their own flood insurance plans. Also we need to note that people who had no flood insurance many times never needed it before and it was never required before. In my sister's neighborhood, they had never EVER seen flooding in the last 35-40 years! She is two blocks away from the nearest shallow lagoon. (She did have flood insurance anyway, but many others did not). Nearly 1/2 her neighborhood homes were destroyed. She and many of her neighbors are STILL homeless today, 19 months after the storm, waiting for the promises from Christie. (He got the funds from the Feds more than a year ago!)
Geoff Cabral June 26, 2014 at 05:04 PM
Two words for anyone thinking of buying a shore, waterfront or "lowlands" property: "Chubb Insurance." Going with any other insurance carrier is like playing Russian Roulette Solitaire - sooner or later, you're guaranteed to lose.
Geoff Cabral June 26, 2014 at 05:09 PM
A falling tree ripped off one part of one wall's siding on the back of your house and the new doesn't exactly match the rest of the house? Chubb doesnt want you looking at it and being disappinted, so they pay to replace it all - no quibbling. The only thing they require is honest customers so they already know who and what you are before they agree to quote your risk. Scammers need not apply....
jesscott June 27, 2014 at 06:41 AM
Are you all really pretending that partisan politics doesn't exist absolutely everywhere....since the beginning of time? Grow up.
Beach_N8iv June 30, 2014 at 04:04 PM
YOUR governor is just protecting his Big Business Masters. They tell him what to do and he complies, not that he has a choice. The Trenton Tyrant should be shown the door.


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