Englishtown Street Named After Fallen Police Officer

Matlosz Court became an official street of Englishtown on Thursday, Sept. 6.

The Englishtown Mayor and Council have officially named a new Borough street Matlosz Court in honor of Christopher Matlosz, a former Englishtown police officer who was killed last year while on duty in Lakewood. The newly constructed neighborhood is directly off of South Main Street across from the .

Matlosz, 27, was . Crockam, a Manchester resident, was .

A beloved member of the , Matlosz served the Borough for almost two years between October 2004 until August 2006 when he joined the Lakewood police force.

When the Englishtown Council realized that they had the power to name streets in town they took the opportunity to name the new street after Matlosz, Englishtown Lt. Peter Cooke said.

Originally, the builder had intended to the name the street after his daughter, Erica, but when the council approached him with the idea of dedicating the street in honor of the fallen officer he had no objection, according to Cooke.

An official dedication of the street is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Oct. 28, which was Matloszs' official start date at the Englishtown Police Department in 2004, Corporal Michael MacInnes explained.

The name of the street officially went up on Thursday, Sept. 6. More information about the Matlosz Court dedication ceremony will be made public as soon as it is available.

James Manser September 10, 2012 at 07:41 PM
I think this is fantastic! I live around the corner and am thrilled that the Boro is honoring Officer Matlosz this way! However, I wonder how the people buying these homes, which were marketed on "Erica Ct", will feel having the name changed to something so different... Hopefully this will work out well for all involved and the future homeowners will have no objections!
Gail Szeluga September 10, 2012 at 11:28 PM
I am sure that the future homeowners will not have a problem with the change. As a local realtor I can tell you that there was a lot of confusion with the name "Erica Ct" because there is an "Eric Ct" in Manalapan and buyers always went to the wrong street, since we share the same zip code. This will save an issue with the mail as well. Kudos to Englishtown Boro for honoring this local officer!


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