Krawiec Named Englishtown Council President for 2013

New appointments were made at the Englishtown Borough reorganization meeting last night.

The Englishtown Council held their reorganization meeting Thursday, Jan. 3 where Maryanne Krawiec, Lori Cooke, and Lou Sarti, Jr. took their oaths of office to rejoin the Council.

Krawiec and Cooke were sworn in for a three year term and Sarti was sworn in for a one year unexpired term. All three Council members were re-elected in the November election.

Krawiec was chosen Council President with Mayor Tom Reynolds making the deciding vote between Krawiec and Cooke, who were both nominated for the position and received three votes each.

Reynolds decided on Krawiec as President because he said he had reorganized the Committee Assignments for 2013 and also because Cooke was the Council President for 2012.

Committee Assignments:

  • Public Safety: Chair Maryanne Krawiec, Co-Chair Lou Sarti, Jr.
  • Public Utilities: Chair Cindy Robilotti, Co-Chair Rudy Rucker
  • Code Enforcement: Chair Greg Wojyn, Co-Chair Lori Cooke
  • Administration, Finance and Personnel: Chair Lori Cooke, Co-Chair Greg Wojyn
  • Legislation, Insurances, and Licenses: Chair Lou Sarti, Jr., Co-Chair Maryanne Krawiec
  • Buildings and Grounds: Chair Rudy Rucker, Co-Chair Cindy Robilotti


Krawiec was also named Police Commissioner; she was nominated for the position by Cindy Robilotti, the 2012 Police Commissioner. Also, Sarti was appointed as a member of the Police Commission.

Tx January 04, 2013 at 07:13 PM
Congregations Maryann, you are what we need a Council President who will put Englishtown’s needs first.


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