Manalapan Receives $200K to Complete Union Hill Road Construction

The repaving and resurfacing of Union Hill Road will begin in June, these additional funds will allow the project to be completed fully through grant funds.

Manalapan will be receiving $200,000 from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Statewide Improvement Program this year for the second phase of the Union Hill Road project.

Gov. Chris Christie announced last week all state aid grants under the Municipal Aid program, which contained 374 grants totaling $76,126,200. An additional 10 Local Aid Infrastructure Fund grants worth $1,810,000 and three Safe Streets to Transit  grants worth $500,000 were also announced.

“The Christie Administration strongly supports funding for Local Aid because it understands how important it is for government at all levels to provide safe streets and roads for motorists and pedestrians alike,” NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson said in a press release. “These grants advance local projects without placing a burden on local property taxpayers.”

The entire project involves the resurfacing of the road from the Marlboro Township border up until Castle Court where the existing road would be removed and replaced, Township Administrator Tara Lovrich said. Additionally, drainage inlets will be rebuilt and retrofit to comply with current storm water management requirements and curb ramps will be rebuilt to comply with current ADA standards, Lovrich said.

Last year the township received $235,000 for this project and this year the NJDOT is giving Manalapan an additional $200,000 to complete it. Lovrich said that, if the budget allows, the construction will continue closer to Pease Rd.

While the NJDOT is calling this funding phase 2 of the Union Hill Road project, construction has not yet begun and is expected to commence in June. This past winter the township completed the plans and specifications of the project, Lovrich said.

Veronica Cecil March 31, 2012 at 01:35 PM
Really? How about the local side streets that desperately need resurfacing, there are cracks and small sink holes. Union Hill looks alot better than my street.
Anne Marie McCann May 02, 2012 at 01:14 PM
Union Hill Road needs the most attention between Pension Road and Route 527! That part of the road is well traveled and in disrepair with dangerous curves and blind spots.


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