Medical Marijuana Site Intended for Manalapan Files Application in Upper Freehold

The alternative treatment center has not contacted Manalapan, but applied to zoning board in Upper Freehold.

The Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) has applied to the zoning board of Upper Freehold to construct greenhouse facilities there, the Asbury Park Press has reported.

Breakwater ATC was one of the six alternative treatment centers approved by the State to be presented with . The proposed site for the medical marijuana facility is located on Rt. 33, and the suggested location is not zoned for the intended use. Therefore, Breakwater ATC would have had to meet with the township zoning board to request a variance.

Officials have reported that no contact from Breakwater ATC to meet with the zoning board has been made, and the request to meet the zoning board in Upper Freehold raises questions about whether or not the facility will come to Manalapan, APP said.

Gov. Christie gave for the dispensaries to begin planning the operation of their facilities, which was put on hold in May so the state could verify that legally-sanctioned marijuana facilities would not be open to federal prosecution. Manalapan Township has not heard from Breakwater ATC since the governor vocalized the 'ok' for the alternative treatment centers to move forward with their plans.

For more on this story, read the article in the Asbury Park Press.


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