Middletown Mayor Asks Residents To Be Prepared For Storm

A message from Mayor Anthony Fiore and Emergency Management Coordinator Charles Rogers.

The following information was distributed by Middletown Township on Friday afternoon.

As Hurricane Sandy threatens to hit New Jersey as it moves up through the Atlantic in the days ahead Middletown Township has planned for what could happen as the storm reaches us early next week.

Township officials have begun readying township equipment including barricades, heavy equipment, chainsaws, pumps, generators and personnel. The township has set up the Township’s Emergency Operations Center as of Friday. Fire stations and first aid buildings will be manned as the storm gets closer. All emergency personnel are on standby by as the storm advances as well. The township is prepared to open its emergency shelter at Croydon Hall as needed. Please note the township shelter cannot accommodate pets.

Meanwhile, Middletown Township asks that residents make preparations before the storm hits as well. “I urge residents to prepare, plan and stay informed about the current weather situation,” said Mayor Anthony P. Fiore. 

STAY INFORMED by registering to receive emergency alerts from Middletown Township. Residents can register through the town website at www.middletownnj.org. Alerts and updates are sent by text and e-mail. Please be sure to include your home or local address since messages are sometimes sent based on geographic location. Registration is not necessary to receive voice messages via landline phone. However, residents need to register their cell phone if they want to receive voice messages on their cells.

Updates will also be posted on the township website (www.middletownnj.org), the township television station (Comcast Channel 20 and Verizon Channel 26), Middletown Emergency Radio 1620 AM, Facebook at middletownnjtownhall and Twitter at middletownnj. Also, listen to local radio and television for the latest information on storms and other emergencies.

Residents should PREPARE for the upcoming storm now, said Emergency Management Coordinator Charles Rogers.

Assembling Kit of Emergency Supplies that includes batteries, a flashlight, radio, first-aid kit, medications, food and water to last three or more days, can opener, cooking tools, and toiletries.

Secure your property. Put away lawn furniture, outdoor decorations and other items that could be affected by high winds and rain. Residents in low-lying areas are reminded to move vehicles to higher ground.

Residents with home generators need to be aware that they must be placed at least 20 feet away from any habitable structure when they are in use for safety reasons. Now is also a good time to start up the generator and make it is in working order, he said. It is also a good idea to have extra fuel stored in the appropriate containers on hand

Residents should also have an EMERGENCY PLAN in place. Know your evacuation routes. In addition, your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so plan a way to contact one another, such as enlisting the help of a third party in another state as a contact, and review what you will do in different situations, Rogers said.

 An emergency plan should also include financial preparations. Consider your insurance and financial needs in the event of a disaster. Also, take time to prepare a household inventory. If an evacuation is necessary, be sure to have cash or credit cards at your disposal.

Please limit 9-1-1 calls to emergencies only. In the event of power outages that do not involve hazardous conditions, contact JCP&L directly at 1-888-LIGHTSS (544-4877).

Public Works reminds residents that leaves should not be placed at the curb more than 7 days before their scheduled pick up date and the schedule does not begin until November 13th.

Middletown OEM works closely with the School District, Monmouth County, federal, state and local partners to prepare for virtually all hazards, natural or manmade, that could affect New Jersey’s families, communities and businesses.

Visit www.ready.nj.gov for more preparedness information. 

Kevin October 27, 2012 at 01:25 AM
Please note the township shelter cannot accommodate pets. What are you a joker , with the amount of" tax dollars from the township taxpayers and there is not a place for pets keep in mind that pets are part of the family If i need to go to the shelter and i see 1 pet i wont have a care in the world for the reason of it being there i will make sure that the pet and the owner is escorted out of the building on the spot
Polly Graf October 28, 2012 at 12:04 AM
If you have a pet and nowhere to go, Wall will accept people with pets, unless your pet happens to be a lion. They really frown upon lions as pets in Wall, its weird. Tigers are okay, but you have to keep them on a leash, a very short leash.


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