Moses Remains President of HS District Board of Education

Heshy Moses and Jennifer Sutera will remain in their positions as President and Vice President, respectively.

There was not much reorganizing at the Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education Reorganization meeting Monday night, with President Heshy Moses and Vice President Jennifer Sutera remaining in their positions for 2013.

Sutera, the Manalapan Township Board representative, nominated Moses for President.  No other nominations for President were made and the Board unanimously voted to approve Moses as President for 2013. Moses, the Board representative from Freehold Borough, has served as the President of the Board of Education since May 2011.

Moses, in turn, nominated Sutera to serve as Vice President of the Board. No other nominations were made for the Vice President postion and the Board unanimously voted to approve Sutera as Vice President of the Board for 2013.

Sutera was reelected as the Manalapan Township representative this past November beating out challenger Gloria Close. Sutera has served as Vice President since May 2011.

Comegno Law Group, P.C. was also reappointed as the general counsel for the Freehold Regional High School District. Schwartz, Simon, Edelstein, & Celso LLC was appointed as labor negotiations and special education counsel for the district.

Additionally, Business Administrator Sean Boyce was reappointed as the Board Secretary.

cynicinmarlboro January 09, 2013 at 01:13 AM
And, unfortunately, not much else will change either...
Curious George January 09, 2013 at 03:32 AM
Can someone PLEASE explain why the infamous law firm of Schwartz, Simon, Edelstein and Celso LLC were retained again. Based on what track record did this board of rubber stampers think that these guys deserved another bite at the FRHSD lucrative apple? What brand of Kool Aide is this board serving at their meetings to convince themselves that these guys are actually doing something good for this district? What a resume they present, dating back to the Wasser/Breyer St. scandal, the NJ.Com debacle, the low show Wasser "retirement job" mess and now the soon to be resolved, Jeff Simon case, in which this firm is walking away with close to a half million dollars in legal fees (if not more) regardless of how it is resolved...This is YOUR money folks. If you don't speak up for yourselves, no one else will. Just keep electing the same people to the board and this is what you get...Oh that's right, we did elect some new people and nothing has changed.
anonymous January 09, 2013 at 04:28 AM
My theory of the FRHSD BOE in retaining the law services of Schwartz, Simon, Edelstein and Celso: They have pictures of BOE members in compromising positions. What else can account in retaining them. They have been wrong on so many decisions costing the district untold thousands--and we will see how the Simon matter ends--probably in a windfall to the firm, and higher taxes to the taxpayers.


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