Teen Defensive Driving Program to be Held at Raceway Park

The driver safety training program will be held on Sunday.

Drive Safer, a teenager defensive driving company, will be hosting a driver safety training program for teenagers on Sunday at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park near Englishtown. 

The training program, which begins at 10 a.m., will aim to teach drivers of all ages confidence behind the wheel. The program will include a hands-on course in car control and defensive driving and also classroom instruction in vehicle dynamics. The program focuses on real-life driving situations and teaches teens the skills needed to handle the problems when face with them on the road. 

Certified high performance driving instructors will teach students an understanding of how to control their car, the physics behind car movement, and driving tips. 

“Teens simply don't have the skills and the tools they need to survive on the road when they leave their driver's ed program or their six-hour driving course,” CEO of Drive Safer Jason Friedman said. “When they're going 60 miles per hour down a highway and hit some black ice or a pothole or someone swerves into their lane, they just don't know how to handle that. We want them to have that 'Oh, my God' moment on our closed-course with an experienced instructor sitting next to them – able to show them how to handle it and explain why it happened in the first place, so it doesn’t happen to them again.”

Participants who complete the Drive Safer program are eligible for insurance discounts and may be eligible to remove two points off their driving record, according to Friedman. 

Raceway Park is located at 230 Pension Road in Old Bridge Township, on the border of Englishtown Borough. To register for the course, visit drivesafer.com



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